They say a change is as good as a holiday.
So while we were away on our beachy break, I decided to make some changes – because I really wanted a longer holiday..

Bring your Bucket and Spade - mixed media on 4x4in canvas panel

The biggest change is that I’ve finally registered my name as a domain and am busily setting up home over there at ‘the art of jane coquillon‘.
Sounds posh, but it’s really just me with my artyness on full-time :)

Bring your Bucket and Spade - mixed media on 4x4in canvas panel - face detail

I’d love it if you’d pop in and say hi, I’ve got the kettle on & the mugs ready!

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Firstly, sorry to anyone who was brought down by my pity party last Friday.
I don’t usually write about my health because we all have our crosses to bear (no Easter pun intended) & I’d rather talk about something nicer, but I just needed to vent.

Easter Bounty - mixed media on 4x4in canvas panel - etsy listing

Thank you so very, very much to everyone who left me a lovely comment, you brightened my day and I felt like each one was a warm hug.

This week I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hands, but I was so strengthened by everyone’s support that it has just made me feel more determined to keep going.

So thank you xxx

Easter Bounty - mixed media painting on 4x4in canvas panel - detail

We had a quiet Easter morning here, just the four of us plus my mother.

The egg hunt, the chocolate, the hot cross buns, the chocolate, the kids on sugar highs and of course not to forget the chocolate.

Easter Bounty - mixed media painting on 4x4in canvas panel - detail

Next week we’re all heading off to Port Macquarie for our annual week away, so this week will involve lots of packing and nagging the kids to do their own packing.
Which I will probably do myself on the night before we leave.

Usually, the term holidays here usually follow straight on from Easter, so when we booked our trip we thought it was during school hols.

Unfortunately, this year is different and we’ve discovered that our holiday is during the last week of term – ugh!
This is Wren’s first year of high school, and it means I’m missing out on parent teacher interviews.

- There’s no way we’re missing our trip though, I *need* that walking-on-the-beach, collecting-stones-and-seaglass time. Priorities, right?  ;)

Easter Bounty - mixed media painting on 4x4in canvas panel - detail

I hope you all had (or are having) a wonderful rest and recharge over the Easter break, and if you can’t rest at least recharged your creativity somewhat.

I’ll see you all after the 13th, when I should have some interesting news to share.. :)


The past couple of weeks have been kind of tough, healthwise.

Towards The Light - mixed media painting on 4x4in canvas panel

I had to deal with the CFS “payback” after Rhys’ birthday party, the cleaning that involved, four dental appointments for R after he broke a baby tooth (bad momma, how could you let that happen?), and Wren’s three school assignments.

TowardsTheLight - detail 1 - mixed media painting - depression

When I look back at it like this, it’s no surprise that I’ve spent so much time sleeping since then.

TowardsTheLight - detail 2 - mixed media painting - depression

So, there’s been lots of going back to bed after the kids left for school (zzzzzzzzz).

Lots of asking my mother for help – she did the school run for me, thank goodness.

And lots of feeling frustrated and scared because I haven’t felt this way since last year, and I was afraid that I was going to have a relapse & go back to being useless again.

TowardsTheLight - detail 3 - mixed media painting - depression

Thankfully, I’m feeling a whole lot better today.
I feel like I just got off a flight with terrible turbulence – just let me at that ground, I’m gonna plant a big fat wet kiss on it!

TowardsTheLight - detail 4 - mixed media painting - depression

It’s reminded that I do have limitations, and to make sure I respect them.
But beyond that, I also have much more physical & emotional resilience than I realised.

I really am a lot more healthy than I was last year, and I have my art to thank for that.

I’m just so grateful to have found my way to where I am right now.

In the last two weeks, with lots of help from hubby, I…

  • did a big spring clean (even though it’s Autumn here)
  • held a 9th birthday party at home for Rhys (hence, the cleaning)
  • completed two-and-a-half major yr7 assignments with Wren
  • slept a lot to catch up
  • tried to fit in some painting time, somewhere

So, not much creativity expressed lately – unless you count the party decorations, and there were plenty of those.

Balloon Girl aceo

I have two new ACEO’s to share with you, the first is Balloon Girl ACEO, with bright pink balloon hair :)

Hot Air Kitty aceo

The second, another hot air balloon, with a cat’s head this time.

And one new 4×4″ bald girl, who I’m thinking of keeping for myself.  The colours are much more intense in person :)

Lucy Lopsides - 4x4" on canvas panel

I’ve named her “Lucy Lopsides”, because her bow is a bit off-centre, and prints will be available in my etsy store soon.

Finally, I fixed that dress – that’s the good news.
Now I’ve decided to repaint the little girl’s face, so no photo to share of that one, yet..

Hope you all had a much more productive couple of weeks than I have!


29 Faces 2013Sharing the last of my faces for the challenge this year.

Fingers crossed that I manage to do all 29 in 2014!

So, here’s #18. Another doodley girl, wearing a cat hoodie.

29 faces 2013 #19 cathoodie

Think I’m going to have to paint this one, she’s got a really sweet expression :)

Face number 20 is on canvas panel (4x4in), and named Sunflower.

29 Faces 2013 - Sunflower, mixed media on 4x4in canvas panel

I love her bright red dress, but it’s a bit too different from the rest of the painting – thicker paint, so looks like a different style.

I’m either going to have to fix that dress, or just paint over the whole thing and start again. Haven’t decided yet whether I’m feeling patient enough to try that…

Aaaand finally, face number 21.  Quite happy with this little blue haired princess.

29 Faces 2013 - Crowned ACEO - mixed media on cardboard (3.5 x 2.5 in)

At least, I think she’s a princess. She could be the princess’ maid, having a quick go at wearing the royal crown.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed sharing 29 Faces 2013 with me.

Now that I’m back in the swing of updating here more often, I’m going to stay with it.

In fact, I can feel another blog post coming on already, about the benefits of taking part in a challenge like this….

PPF badgeOh, and I’m also joining in with Paint Party Friday this week.
It’s so much fun to connect with everyone :)

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