I came across this post on one of my favourite artist blogs, Nellie Windmill, and it made me stop and think about how far I’ve come in the past twelve months with my own art.

To begin with, I wasn’t even drawing or painting then.  I hardly even doodled.

So really, my three things are going to be really basic ones compared to those of a budding artist like Nellie.
I’m more like a bumbling artist ;)

1. I discovered zentangles in July.

I’ve always thought of myself as creative, but I thought I was “meant” to write.
I topped in english, A+ all the way!
What else would I do?

Plus, although I enjoyed drawing, and could manage to create a picture that sort-of looked like the person I was sketching, it was just too much work, and I wasn’t happy with the results.

By drawing ‘tangles’, I freed myself from having to create a  realistic picture.
It didn’t take long. I think I only actually drew three designs!

I also read something on someone’s blog; art isn’t photographic.
They said “If you want a photographic image of something, then use a camera”
Art is a representation, an interpretation by the artist.

2.  I started making artist trading cards in August.

I’m surprised at how little time it took me to get the courage to create & start trading ATC’s.
There were only a couple of weeks between first reading about them and making my first trade with tammybeck on ATCsForAll.com, which is a great community.

It was an incredible revelation for me to see that other people liked what I was creating.

~ And opened my mind to allow me to see the possibility of painting with acrylics and creating something larger.

I’ve made some great friends on the ATCsForAll site, trading cards and art supplies.

If you decide to take a look and join (or are already a member), please let me know so we can connect!

3.  I finally picked up my acrylics in September and began to paint.

Originally, I saw myself beginning to paint with acrylics sometime later this year, but then the urge to just try became too great to resist.

I already had some Jo Sonja acrylics from years ago (that I’d never had the courage to use), so I grabbed a few canvases at our local shops one day and set to work.

Sooo glad I did. I feel like I’m finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be, and I can’t wait to see where I am this time in 2013!


Nellie (her real name is Katherine Herriman) has a few artsy tutorials on her blog, so I thought I’d share them here so that you can enjoy them, too.

Hope you enjoy!


6 Responses to The 3 Best Things I Did For My Art in 2011

  1. Well, now I’m all warm and fuzzy inside. I adore this: “I feel like I’m finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be”. Me too :)


  2. Jane Blogs says:

    lol… thanks Katherine!
    I really admire you and your work. Thank you so much for your response & all the artsy advice you post on your blog :)

  3. Kichi says:

    I think the idea with the pleadings under your images very pretty.
    Have you painted on the book pages with acrylic? As you can shine through the writing? Evidence are not water colors better?

  4. Jane Blogs says:

    Thank you, Kichi :)
    The second image (whirlie bird #6 atc) is watercolours & ink on vintage page.
    The bird on canvas is acrylics and pastel on a vintage page.
    Both give different effects, and it was good to try both to learn what can be done :)

  5. Robin says:

    Hi There Jane…wow I have a similar story of how I started…I went back to school for art in my late thirties and loved to create designs and 2d images…without the stress of having to accurately “copy” something…In school we had to do that as well especially in painting and portrait…but it wasn’t what I was there to learn..sure I did it but it wasnt as fun and it was not my goal..I so agree with that comment about art not being photographic..I wonder if you read it on my blog…lol..Ive always said that..I also used to say “if I want an identical likeness Ill take a picture”..Lol…so anyway I totally understand what youre saying and how you feel about your art…I love your style and cute depictions…so vibrant and full of life..!..and color..!

  6. Jane Blogs says:

    Thanks Robyn!
    I think it’s become a much more common thing now, discovering a new talent in yourself at an ‘older’ age (I’m 40 this year), rather than sticking with what you chose straight after school.

    I’ve been thinking that it might have to do with the incredibly fast changes in technology – new jobs and careers are being created almost daily now, so maybe it’s made us more open to change overall…
    Not to mention making tutorials, techniques & artist communities much more accessible.

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