This quiz reminded me of the last birthday party we held for Wren, when we naively included some 6 & 7 year boys among the select group of 18 invitees.

We lived to regret it. Boys are so crazy at that age. At any age.

We didn’t even allow them red cordial. I think their parents must have fuelled them up beforehand. They certainly did the drop and dash quickly enough.

We will not make the same mistake twice.

I’m now planning that Mr Bump will only be allowed to have girls to his parties as he grows up.

So how many 5 year olds could you take?


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8 Responses to Attack of the rabid 5 year olds with sugar overdose

  1. Trish says:

    19 – omg I better get cracking on some martial arts .
    My eldest had some real little b*ggers for friends – I am choosing the kids this time round LOL if you can choose girls.

    Trish’s last blog post..52 blessings Grateful Fridays,

  2. Marilyn says:

    Thank you for the birthday wish!
    I LOVE your daughters name, in our family we have a “Wen” and a “Fahren”……
    Your blog is great, I’m adding it to my favorites : )
    Enjoy your day

  3. Jane says:

    Hey Trish, good luck on choosing the friends.
    It’s my experience that the most annoying kids make the best friends, for some reason…

    And thanks Marilyn :)

  4. ha ha…this is funny! 15, 5 year olds, huh? Go you! Take ‘em down!!!

  5. I’m doomed, I can only fight 5! I guess it’s obvious I don’t have kids, lol

    DrowseyMonkey’s last blog post..Life’s Too Short for Anonymous Commenters

  6. When I was in the circus I allowed 10 kiddies to jump on me. They fell off one at a time when I got up and went for a jog.

    Gorilla Bananas’s last blog post..The net neutrality nymph

  7. We will have ten kids at “Go Bananas’ on Sunday..all ranging from 3 to 6.

    It will be mostly girls so it will be interesting to see if there is a difference…

  8. Jane says:

    @Domestic Diva & DrowseyMonkey ~ You’ve just got to be *ruthless* :P

    @crunchy carpets ~ I’m betting there’ll be less thumping and ripping things apart, but *much* more screaming. :D

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